Up-cycled Tassel Scarf Tunic





Despite the chills, I am currently crushing on this pretty top wear that I bought from a de-clutter sale that was organised in Bangalore, a couple of months back. It’s an up-cycled printed tassel scarf turned into a lovely flowy kimono styled tunic. I just simply love the feel of it.. the material and the free spirit vibe it sends, with all those pretty tassels on it’s edges. It would make a PERFECT spring-summer time wear, paired with an ankle length denim to create a casual day-wear boheme look. Fab!

P.S. Look out for de-clutter/clearance sales in your city, the next time. They house some really good stuffs at great prices.






Picture courtesy: Nandita Saikia



Stepping into 2017 (My New Year Goals)


It is the end of another majestic year and I am still in awe as to how quick and swiftly all of the time flies by. Honestly speaking, this post was meant to be published last year, that is at the beginning of 2016, but I had saved it as a draft for later, and look it’s 2017 already. Such shame to me. It’s been past a year and I’ve finally put it live now. I seriously want my life to get methodical and organized. No more of mess.

While it’s pretty common and easy for everybody to make a list of new year resolutions, it is equally hard to stick to the same and follow it sincerely. And I know what’s on your mind right now. You got it right.. I am such a kind of person who puts off everything until late. I make promises every previous night before the first day of the week to myself to start with simple little productive habits, but sheesh, it never happens.

Sooooo.. this new year, as a good head start, without impending, I thought of considering a few changes that I want to bring into my life. Changes for the good.. For this beginning, I want to grow and revamp myself all in all and be a better version.



Believe it when they say- you cannot love others when you do not love yourself. You just cannot. How is a person supposed to see the goodness, positivity and beauty in other things when he/she doesn’t see it in their self? It makes sense, right? Self-love is the term that beautifully defines what loving yourself is. It’s not about being narcissistic or self-indulged but giving yourself the love and care and living a life that truly shines from within.

Shooing off- negative talk about oneself, burdening oneself with all of the stress, blaming oneself, zero time and always thinking about others, feelings of inferiority, negative emotions and all others that are depriving me of a true happy life, this new year. Letting it all go.


“Treat yourself how you would treat your beloved’s. You are special and one of a kind”. Check.


dad5ccad4538774c3aef79dcd14fdfcdI had been procrastinating this for so long now and it’s terrible. Tbh, I do not want to be a fitness freak. Neither am I into any hardcore workouts- for personal reasons of course- and nor am I gonna follow any strict diet plans ever. But I think, in these times, it is necessary to attain a few habits of a healthier lifestyle that would help in keeping our body elements in balance.

Meditation/Mindfulness practice and Yoga has helped millions heal, both bodily and psychologically, and I am also looking ahead to carry out simple exercises and meditations at least for 15 minutes daily.


Isn’t five in the morning TOO early? I know I know, this sounds nearly impossible for us fellas but I’ll not shy away from trying. At least by 6. And you should not as well. Getting up early is absolutely good for mental and physical well-being. Also, morning time is known to be the best productive time. Did you know? All successful and famous people are early birds. It’s not about fate-destiny all the time, guys. Sometimes, it takes true dedicated spirit and tough efforts. Take cue from Tim Cook, CEO of Apple or our own great Bolly superstar, the Akshay Kumar.

Also, ever wondered how can some Grandma’s (even mine, it seems she hasn’t aged a bit since 2006) and Grandpa’s can be so fit and active even in their 70’s/80’s?  Anyone? It’s because they follow the age-old system and not lazy like us. They get out of bed early and tend to be more active. Well, rising early is not that tough when you put a simple formula to it.

Going to bead early= Rising early.


I am gonna sleep early tonight. And be like Akki. Zzzzzzzzzz. 😛



“You are what you eat”. Check.

Bye bye junkies.

Hello fruits, fresh juices, nuts and green vegetables.



Learning and education never ever ends, you know. Never. We always think or might assume that our studies end then and there once we step out of our colleges or universities. We do right? It’s because the academic institutions has always limited us to bookish knowledge. I believe, knowledge and learning never ends there.

There’s so much more. From learning a new language, about a new culture to a new hobby or skill, there are plenty of things I can learn and perhaps turn out to be good at. In short, this is some next level coolness where you can impress people with your new skills and knowledge on endless things. Pa ra pa pa pa!



I am an AMBIVERT. Have you come across this word? It’s a term for a person who has a balance the of both an introvert and extrovert in their personality. I am one. I am not sure about what you think about me or perceive me as, but guys, let me tell you.. I love mingling. I love talking to people and making new friends. I am a pretty fun person to hang out with. We can get drunk and talk shit. Anytime. 😉 Well, it’s being amidst the people that you can learn so many amazing things and I believe in it.

Looking forward to meeting and befriending new souls.

Learn, talk, laugh, share and spend time together.

Let’s be friends? 🙂



Life is waaaaaaaay too short to just sit back home leisurely, watch tv and repeat that on loop every single day. I say, get out there, get some sun and chase little butterflies. I love being out. I’ve always loved to. And this year, I hope I go out more, explore and see new places and put on my adventure pants.



I am sure this would be on everybody’s list. Aren’t we all sucker for BOOKS?

‘Reasons to stay alive’ by Matt Haig is up on my list next.

What is yours?



It’s good and fun to chat and laugh with friends, read about something on the internet, watch videos, insta’s and fb’s etc.. but more than that it’s actually GREAT to get some space off that big virtual world we are living in. Trust me! I won’t say I am addicted to my phone when I compare myself to others, but to a certain extent I am. And I realize too much of digitization is bad. It cuts off us from the real world and also messes up with the sleep cycle. That is it. I am putting up a media curfew for myself where I’ll use my digital gadgets less and be present in the real more.



I seriously didn’t had the habit of writing diaries until my  best friend suggested it. Once I started.. I was so lazy in keeping up with it, with like zero commitment and usually returned every 2-3 days to write. That way, I lost all the interest, patience, zest & everything else in between. Now, if you ask me, I don’t even know as to when was my last entry  nor do I remember where I placed it. End of story. My life can’t get any crazier. This is it.

Sooooo.. lastly but not the least, I’ll be sitting down to journal with a fresh start, this year. I came across a fun new concept of keeping a journal lately, termed as ‘bullet journal’ which is basically a quick and easy to follow methods of journaling to keep your day to day activities in track. If not writing a diary, I can absolutely maintain a journal to make up my plans smooth with accordance for the upcoming year. Yaaasssss!!

Follow this link to a YouTube video if you’d like to keep one too:

Bullet Journal



I hope this year has something good and welcoming in store for each on of us.

Good luck!


Happy Hippie Style


I am the sort of person who does not keep much evolving with the trending fast-fashion. I am the sort who loves to experiment with styles from a pile. Fashion to me is choosing to wear whatever I feel like, hands on something different, one that makes me feel comfortable and can be carried off well with poise.

Coming across a zillion of stars and fashion enthusiasts donning innumerable styles and clothes across the social media every single moment, tbh, I take cues.. take notes and pin them down in my mind.. but finally I always end up wearing whatever I can find in my wardrobe and mostly that looks apt. It’s so obvious every time no? For every single one of us.

And that is essentially why: I create my own style.

Rocking this ALL-BLACK HIPPIE LOOK : Wearing extra-flared palazzo teamed with a fitted crop top, accessorized with a pair of my all-new & favorite metal jhumka earrings, flats and a vibrant boho print cloth rucksack from Goa.

I believe in carrying fashion to my personal level of comfort, recreating fashion with your own personal style and to dress the way I want to.











[Photos taken by the lovely Ruprekha Sharma]

Let’s pull-off all of our killer styles together and blow them minds.


Sustainable Fashion



A massive and ever-evolving phenomenon in itself which have irrationally conquered the world.

Fashion is a state of mind.

Fashion is in the sky, in the streets, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

Fashion runs in our veins.

  A long time ago fashion was produced to last for a long time, be worn for many years and then passed down through generations. People hugely followed slow fashion back then and the production process basically involved quality manufacturing to make the garment durable for years and years. A garment developed with a cultural and emotional connection was also pertinent to the purpose behind slow fashion, meaning people will tend to keep a particular piece of clothing for a longer period if they feel emotionally or culturally connected to it. Say, a sari gifted by grandmother or traditional attire belonging to one’s native.

But today, the world runs on fast fashion. The industry has become quick-paced, brand new trends are designed and produced quickly and inexpensively letting the common folks to purchase current clothing styles at a lower price, making more and more people believe they need to have the latest styles each season(and throw away the stuff they bought some months ago/feel it has gone out-of-style). Meaning so much of clothing is going into the Landfills every single day, harming the planet at large and the rate at which the production cycle is moving is both harmful for the laborers health and our environment.


With an average individual dumping nearly 70 pounds of clothing per year, the fashion industry is the second largest cause of pollution globally.

Well, fashion is a necessity, so is our dear planet without which there would be no life. We, humans have been the greatest contributors to the rise of environmental damage over the years. And we, the same can possibly prevent it little by little thereby saving our earth, if not stop it altogether.

Calling out to all the beautiful women to take a little step towards creating a beautiful planet and make it a better place to live in.

Let’s start on the lines of eco-fashion today.

“There is NO beauty in the finest cloth if it makes HUNGER and UNHAPPINESS- Gandhi”

Image Source: Google 

Blood On Labels

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”- Albert Einstein


How many times have our hearts wrenched to see people in pain and suffering? People who live below the poverty line and survive under extreme conditions facing challenges every single day? Why is their fate so unlucky? What is the serious fault in them to embrace such a destiny out of helplessness? Is it because they don’t have the money? Or they are not considered as humans at all? I can keep on asking these questions a million times, but sadly there ain’t NO answer. And, I think there NEVER WILL BE.

I came across a documentary called ‘The True Cost‘ on Youtube sometime around last week, which not only left me with a heavy heart but opened my eyes to the harsh realities of our society as well. The Savar building collapse on the morning of 24th April, back in 2013 in Dhaka, Bangladesh took a death toll of 1,130 innocent lives, buried under the huge 8-storey building with an approx of 2,500 people injured, severe loses and amputated limbs. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh stands one among the poorest cities in the world, where 75% of all exporting comes from making clothes alone for rich countries, famed retailers and some of the well-known Australian brands. With no other means of survival, almost half of the massive population living in the city, uneducated and impoverished are bound to join the clothing and garment manufacturing factories in order to support their families and other needs.

Image courtesy: Pinterest [Disclaimer: The images used in this post are purely for referential and illustrative purposes and does not directly relate to any kind of liability].

This event is recorded as one among the most tragic factory disasters in the world that left hundreds of workers with amputated limbs, now inhabiting the country of Bangladesh, crippled and doomed for the rest of their lives.

Fast fashion has almost conquered the world with it’s ever-rising global demand. It’s growing inevitably. But what I could judge from this film is utter negligence, inhumane action and looking down on people below the line as mere digits/numbers. Our world, and the people in it are definitely progressing, moving forward in all spheres actively, but at the same time, losing their integrity and benevolence. We are all humans alike, with the same features and blood running through the veins, then why such differences?!  Where is the love?  And compassion?

Click here to watch the full documentary on YouTube to learn more about the incident.

The question remains…

Would you still purchase that dress from your favorite label that bears blood and loss of thousands on it?!

Until next time.

Handmade Scarf

I had been feeling sort of productive this entire week, and look what I have here to share.

A grey handmade scarf to accessorize and add some prettiness to regular outfits.


I found a length of fabric tucked inside a pile of old discarded clothes in my mum’s closet. I pulled it out and thought to myself- why not get a lil’ crafty and put it to use once again?!


All I needed was some fabric, colourful threads, few beads, basic tailoring and some imagination. Annnddd… Voila! There you go!

Make yourself some second hand lovin’. 🙂


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